Spring Storm


A seventy-plus degree day earlier this week awakened Spring. The grass is showing true green, buds are prominent on the trees, snowdrops and other early flowers have risen.

Last evening, distant rumbles encouraged me to leave work and get home. On the way, very few, but very large drops of rain hurried my commute through the yard. By the time I got inside and turned to look out the window, the sky had opened up, and lightening was crashing close, flickering the lights.

The first real electrical storm of the season seems to have broken cold’s grip. Though the forecast for this week continues to be wet and cool, there is now faith that the next warm day will compel even more plants to burst through the soil.

The storm further eroded the still bountiful snowpack on Elk, and coaxed a soft white cloud, the evaporation of last season’s runs, to gently float back to the heavens.

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