Twilight Buck

twilight_buckSilhouetted at the meadow crest near sunset, this fellow returned my gaze for quite some time, though with very little interest.

As his antlers have only 2 points to a side, he’ll not be considered fair game this deer season, and will be left to develop his rack
for at least one more year. Soon, he’ll rub against trees and scrape the soft velvet from his antlers, backlit here by the fading sun,
leaving them white and bony.

Maybe it was the sultry evening weather, or perhaps the time of year, but this young buck, along with his harem, maintained a
demeanor of calm disinterest despite my presence.

The rut and colder weather, harbinger of hunting season, along with the necessity of foraging beneath snow, is not far off.

But today, this evening, there is nothing to worry about, nothing to do, but nibble the best grass of the season, amongst
family and loved ones, and swim in the soothing twilight of August.

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