It seemed like Summer would never end, but on a recent hike up Elk, with careful attention one could see that the most subtle of the
first pale golds and reds of Autumn have emerged amongst the vibrant greens of Summer; harbingers of the change of seasons.

“The more things change, the more they are the same”. “The only constant is change”.

Observing change does seem to bring out the philosopher in folks. Some believe that absolutely nothing is static – everything is
always changing. People are either growing up or growing old; seasons are either coming or going; the moon is either waxing or waning.

On the annual solstices, after steadily progressing across the horizon for months, there is a moment when the days are no longer
lengthening or shortening. The earth reaches the extent of it’s tilt and the sun appears to stand still, even if just for
an instant.

It often seems that many of us succumb to the illusion of stillness as we go through life. We see things as concrete, immutable,
the same today as they were yesterday, and so, logically, they must be the same tomorrow.

If one abandons oneself and embraces constant change, the world takes on a very different character, one ripe with previously
unrecognized possibilities.

To comfort her child, a mother told her son, what her mother had told her: “Things change. If times are difficult, have faith,
things will get easier. If you are having a great time, live it up, because, well, things will change to when times are not so good…”

The son took these words to heart, and, while pondering, applied logic to this wisdom, and found that when one is
having a good time, things will change; however, not necessarily to the bad.

It is logical, and possible, and with mindfulness, probable, that things may get even better than one could have possibly imagined.

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