Someone once said: “I no longer take anything for granted; I now only have good days and great days.”

Tomorrow morning upon awakening, try taking a quick inventory of things for which to be grateful.

If you awaken, your heart must be beating. Be grateful for your heart. Be grateful that you don’t have to remember to beat your heart. Some hearts stopped beating last night. There is no guarantee that your heart will beat tomorrow.

If your heart is beating, you must be breathing. Be grateful for your breath. Be grateful that you don’t have to remember to breathe. Some folks exhaled for the last time last night. There is no guarantee that you will breathe tomorrow.

If you see more than darkness when you open your eyes, be grateful. Some people don’t have the gift of vision. They have never, and will never see light, let alone color and beauty.

If you slept, be grateful for your house. Grand or modest, it must have been warm and dry enough for your body to be comfortable enough to fall asleep. Uncontrollable shivering kept some folks awake last night. Uncontrollable shivering was the only thing that kept some folks alive last night.

If you rested while sleeping, be grateful for your mind. Some folks spent a sleepless night tormented by worrisome thoughts as their mind raced uncontrollably. They awoke this morning exhausted and fearful.

If you put your feet on the floor, be grateful. Some folks are too weak or sick to move from bed. Some folks have no feet.

If you breakfast, be grateful. Many folks awake hungry every morning, then try to sleep at night having eaten nothing all day.

If you awoke to a pet, friends, or family be grateful. Many folks are always alone. They have no one. To them, there is no love to give; there is no love to receive.

If you’ve gotten this far, be grateful. Know that with faith and a reasonably functioning body and mind, you are entirely equipped to negotiate whatever the day will present you.

Have a great day!

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