Too Winter?

Too Winter?
Too Winter?

A few weeks ago, someone was remarking how much shoveling they have had to do, and asked if I was in a similar situation.

“Uh uh, I just wear taller boots” I said.

Earlier this week, I awoke before dawn and was so happy that the temperature was much warmer than had been forecasted. Then I noticed the small dash in front of the 14 on the display – 14 below instead of 14 above.

That same morning, the Ski King’s auto thermometer reported a low of 26 below air temperature as he drove through the Elkdale valley.

On top of Elk, a mere 5 below as the rest of the cold air had settled into the valleys.

Frost has canted the back door just enough to render it unusable.

Temperatures in the lower 20’s had me perspiring, shedding layers to stay comfortable.

Nearly two feet of snow in the back yard; at least another foot higher up.

Too Winter? Nope, this is just how I remember winters from “the good old days”. Nice to have them back.

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