Sun Dog Cloud


Not sure the source of the interesting configuration above – complete with a divine spark of the colors of the rainbow – a little sun dog. Maybe an airplane flew through disrupting the cloud bank, or maybe a river of wind, a current in the ocean of sky.

It’s nice to enjoy a sight that doesn’t happen every day. Gratitude for observing something so uncommon lessens the importance of determining it’s exact nature.

During this time of giving thanks, or expressing gratitude, it’s good to remember that some believe “Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true” is more than just a saying, it is truth; whatever is in mind now is most likely to occur in one’s future.

Others believe that, even more so than wishing, gratitude determines the course of our lives – what we are grateful for is most likely to present in one’s future.

One can be grateful for the roof over their head, or wish for a bigger roof over a bigger house. Some wish that family or friends were always agreeable. Some are grateful for having  folks, even if sometimes contrary, in their life at all.

Always a good idea, but during this holiday in particular, be careful what you wish for; be grateful for what you want more of.












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