Each morning spent on top of Elk Mountain brings it’s own unique joy.

This morning, the muskrat that had taken up residence under one of the buildings on top of the mountain weeks ago, was spied scurrying under another building this morning.

Multiple people have confirmed that indeed, the critter is a muskrat. “Yup, that’s a muskrat alright. I’ve trapped ’em and sold ’em; I’m 100 percent sure that’s a muskrat” said Bill, as he has seen the animal on multiple occasions. ┬áIt remains a mystery to all of us what a muskrat is doing so far away from water.

Sometimes, it seems that you can actually see the curve of the earth as the horizon is presented in clear view. Often, you can see snow squalls as they build and race through the countryside.

And some mornings, when the light is just right, the Catskills appear majestically on the northeastern horizon.

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