Summer Clouds


This spring, last winter’s unseasonably warm and dry conditions had us wondering if this summer would too, be unseasonable. I braced for fleece in July, shorts and t-shirts left folded in the drawer.

As nearly all are, this worry was unfounded.

If anything, this summer wanted rain. Not so good for growing things, but very agreeable for accomplishing outdoor tasks or pleasurable pursuits.

There were summer storms, some strong. The driveway hosted rivulets at least a couple of times, and lightning so fierce, the sound of it crashing began like a piece of thick paper being violently ripped.

Eighties, and particularly in July, nineties seemed to be the norm. August sped by under hot sun and sultry evenings, slipping nearly unnoticed into September.

And now? This week’s seasonable dip in temperatures is forecasted to give way to eighties again next week. Never ending summers really don’t happen here on the hill.

Soon, there will be an evening, when a deep inhalation brings to the lungs air fresher and cooler than what can be enjoyed from the refrigerator.




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