Stillwater Cliffs


Just north of Forest City the Stillwater Cliffs overlook the Stillwater Dam along route 171.

This hill is home to about the only granite left in the neighborhood, the rest having been eroded many many thousands of years ago.

Almost half way through ski season, there’s reason for brightening moods. After what seemed like months of skiing in rain on stale snow, this week’s Clippers have once again whitened the neighborhood, leaving almost enough snow for cross-country skiing. Downhill skiing has been extraordinary at Elk this week. The snow crew and nature conspired to give us velvety surfaces to ski on, some mornings dusted with a few inches of natural. 

Though the days have been lengthening for over a month, the increased sunlight is finally noticeable.  The afternoons shine brightly enough to actually cause one to feel warmth on the cheeks for a little while. Dawn comes earlier and earlier. Now, the first chair lift ride to open the mountain is no longer in darkness.

Soon, mud season will make itself more and more prominent, and we’ll be trying to hold on to the Winter season and all the joy it brings.

But for now, in the heart of Winter, with brightening days and seasonable weather, it’s time to cherish each and every moment.

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