Turkey Crossing

Earlier today while on the phone, I glanced behind the curtain only to see a big Tom and more than a dozen hens crossing the yard from north to south.

They encountered the stone fence, and just as one always wonders why a chicken crossed the road, I wondered why the turkeys crossed the fence.

2 thoughts on “Turkey Crossing”

  1. Dear Friend,
    Though The kids have quite a large body,You will note,the head
    Is rather small. After doctoring in autonomic functions, and the
    reproductive process, there’s little room left,for common sense,
    Much the same as with human folk.
    But,as You can see,the Turkeys are attempting to head south for
    The winter.They always try to go before Thanksgiving!
    Very Truly Yours,G.E. Johnson

  2. Dear Mr. Johnson,
    Yes, these beings of cranial diminutiveness are indeed heading south. For food a mate or to escape an untowardly pilgrim celebration no doubt!

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