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May Snow

The last of the snow clings to Elk’s trails.

Monday, snow coated the near green lawn for a while until overcome by afternoon warmth.

Tuesday, the back door thermometer registered well over 80 degrees.

Thursday, Friday disguised themselves as realio-trulio Summer days.

Friday night wind threatened strength, but resolved passing through the neighborhood, leaving it still.

Don’t like the weather here? Wait 5 minutes!

Eagle Moon

The first snow shoe hike on Elk this week had me breathing heavily, most of the time looking at the snow a few feet in front of me.

At one point, having to take a break, I looked up to see a large bird meandering on a thermal.  I tried to imagine what the bird saw from its vantage point, how large an animal I appeared to be from that perspective, and if I looked at all appetizing.

His coloring was pretty close to a turkey vulture, but the breadth of his wings,  the pace of his flight, and the flatness of his shoulders confirmed that I knew this fellow. 

He had been frequenting the mountain the last couple of weeks of ski season.

“A pair must be nesting nearby.” someone observed.

Eagles have been more prominent lately around area lakes; this youngster seems to prefer the views of the trails of Elk.


Recently, as a massive storm moved in to the neighborhood from the north, many of us made last minute trips to the store for extra food and supplies in case the weather made electricity unreliable or travel difficult. A good day to hunker down.

Others of us made their way past stranded vehicles on barely passable roads to spend the day on the highest hill they could find.

On top of Elk Mountain, the partially frozen weather station reported steady winds between 15 and 20 mph. Those of us who have spent time in similar conditions estimated true wind speed at nearly double that. 

1 to 2 inch per hour snow fall amounts driven by wind gusting near 60 mph made it impossible to look into the wind without eye protection.

Snow scrubbed bare to ice in places, deposited feet deep nearby. Unusually corniced, an apparent ocean wave grew throughout the storm.








The recent weather pattern, which is yet to complete, has been very un-February-like. 

Though not as warm as last year’s record breaking days,  except for the trails at Elk, no snow in the neighborhood.

When the panoramic views from the top of the mountain reveal more Spring then Winter, the patterns left in nearby trees by overnight freeze reminds us that we’ll soon see March’s nature, lamb or lion like.