Work in Progress

The road in front of the house leads to work ski patrolling at Elk Mountain and continues on to Chet’s Place, a great source of good food and companionship.

Absent much interest in anything else, I pass the same view near daily.

Late last Autumn, I noticed that what had been marshy seemed to be a bit wetter than usual. A couple of birch in one of my favorite stands had been fallen.

Winter white covered everything for a couple of weeks obscuring the change that had been occurring.

This recent thaw removed all ice except that on what had at once been only damp.

A slow ride with intent along the valley revealed that the tipping point had been reached.

Revealed by the contrast of dormant grass and ice a couple more beaver dens appeared southward from what had been the main community.

A gentle arc alongside the birch stand described a beautifully engineered dam. Further south, yet another dam had been built and was now holding back a considerable amount of water.

When one finally awakens from life’s routines, great change becomes evident.

Half a couple buck

This young fellow and his doe routinely frequent the yard.

She comes from the cover on the other side of the stone fence into the open of the backyard.

All the while walking slowly, she dips her head, feigns sampling the last of green grass as alert ears and wary eyes scan for danger.

If all clear, he’ll appear from somewhere behind her.

Turkey Crossing

Earlier today while on the phone, I glanced behind the curtain only to see a big Tom and more than a dozen hens crossing the yard from north to south.

They encountered the stone fence, and just as one always wonders why a chicken crossed the road, I wondered why the turkeys crossed the fence.

How much different can heaven be?