The Firing

Stony Meadow Pottery Kiln Opening and Spring Planter Sale, April 12th, 9am – 5pm.

The folks at Stony Meadow Pottery invite you to come celebrate spring, and enjoy an expanded range of garden wares, in addition to a selection of wares for kitchen and dining. Visit the Stony Meadow Pottery website at for directions and images of their work.

Jordan Taylor, Potter at Stony Meadow Pottery recently invited us to view a part of the process of creating pottery using a Sawankhaloke-style kiln.

Above, he and and Charlie Buteraugh of West Clifford stoke the hand built walk-in wood fired kiln named for a region of Thailand.

The firing process can take up to five days to achieve 2400ºF – the temperature necessary for this technique to be effective.

Though unforgiving, laborious, and exhausting, this firing technique yields results unavailable by any other means.

Visit the Stony Meadow Pottery website at Stony Meadow Pottery to see the uniquely beautiful results of Jordan’s talent applied to this technique.