Clifford Main Street


Evidence of The Clifford Township Community Alliance’s (CTCA) efforts to “just make things a bit better” can be seen all along Main Street. The Clifford flags are meant to make visitors feel more welcome, and residents feel more pride.

The groups’ activities are not just for show. The township cleanup program they organized this spring helped Clifford Township residents dispose of old autos, tires, refrigerators, and other hard to get rid of items in an economical and environmentally friendly way.

Read more about the group, how you can help, and learn interesting facts about Clifford by downloading the October Newsletter.

To download the Newsletter, Choose Community from the drop down menu above, or click here.

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Autumn Stand


At dusk, I picked all the pears that I could reach.
Last night, the first hard frost.
Today, the air is crisp, the sky cool blue, paled by wispy clouds.

Yesterday, white, blue, and steel grey swirled,
animating the sky, hurrying, destination uncertain.

From across the valley, lumpy snow squalled from the mix,
sifting through cloud gaps like a sheer curtain
eased through an open kitchen window
by a bland summer breeze.

And I remember Eli telling me that an old timer told him:
“In these parts, you have to have as much as you need done for winter by mid-October
…after then, anything can happen “