A Walk on The Mountain


Rain or shine? Long pants or short?
Under a mostly cloudy sky, we start up,
The wet long grass soon soaks our pants.

Well hidden in deep grass,
Waiting still as mother instructed,
Nearly stepped on,
A spotted fawn bursts from her tiny resting nest,
Startles us, flushes, bounds away.

Wading up the sharp slope coated deep in summer,
The air cools, our breathing deepens.
The summit resolves – we are inside clouds!

Following a misted path along the mountain’s shoulder,
Orange salamanders litter our descent.
A thick heavy drop, then two, then ten, then more!
Thoroughly wet, we make our way to the valley.
Thoroughly happy, we make our way to the valley.

Where did the Summer go?


Usually, a question wistfully murmured somewhere around Labor Day. Posed now, anticipation of unrealized possibilities come prominently to mind:

Tunes on Tuesdays overlooking Crystal Lake at Oliveri’s Lakeside Cafe, Party on the Patio on Thursdays at Stonebridge Restaurant, music echoing off the slopes of Elk Mountain, Sunday afternoons on the blue stones on the grounds of Fern Hall, the North and South knobs of Elk Mountain dominating the horizon, Friday evenings nestled in the hills near the lake at Chet’s Place, blues riffs traveling the valley on sultry summer air.

Food and music alone can fill a summer without ever leaving The Hill!

Enjoy some art at a festival or gallery, wander around a fireman’s picnic or two, slip into a lake once in a while, hike the Rail-Trail and up Elk a few times, and all of a sudden, there you have it – Labor Day.

Meteorological summer is begun; astronomical not until the 21st, at which time, days shorten, carrying us deliberately on toward ski season – even in the face of this immediate promise of summer, a comforting thought to some of us.

One way to make this summer seem “Endless”?

Don’t look too far forward, don’t savor too long that which is passed – enjoy the moment that is now!