Come out to the Harford Fair this week, and see the products of this area displayed, judged, and enjoyed.

Everything from the cutest babies (our neigborhood favorite Charley Smith got 2nd place at the Harford Fair Baby Contest!!!) to the finest crafts, crops, and livestock are at the fair.

Add in some great food, wonderful musical entertainment, rodeo thrills, and you’ll experience the best from the county and beyond!

Spike Buck


This fellow barely paid any attention as his picture was snapped from a fairly close distance. One of his girlfriends waited warily from deeper in the woods before he turned and rejoined her to continue their twilight forage; soon, he’ll scrape the velvet from his antlers.

Now, these beings, especially those whose snow spots have recently faded from their backs, are more curious than fearful when encountering humans. It’s prudent to remember, particularly when driving a vehicle, the old saying “Where there’s one, there’s two”. Drive a bit more slowly, and if you see one deer, expect that another will follow closely behind.

Summers’ Peak


When the snowpack leaves, hilltops
slowly draw pale green spring upward
from the hollows’ wet floors,
like a new wick pulls oil
from the lamp to it’s flame.

Recently, the subtle climates of
summits and valleys synchronized;
temporarily, shared the same season.
Ripe, waist deep grass coated slopes
from top to bottom.

Already, here on the hill, leaves fade,
dawn temperatures dip to warm Winter day range.
Regardless of rain or heat to come,
grass will never grow as thick as it had
until after the snowpack leaves again.