Summer Sunset


The sun is setting on a season marked by a spring tornado, a summer hurricane, and a rare earthquake. Along with all the food, music, sport, art and fun, Summer of 2011 will be remembered for Mother Nature’s reminders that even high up here on the hill, wind and water can combine with devastating effects.

Very old trees have fallen, streams have carved new courses. Such sudden, extraordinary changes can cause sadness and worry. For comfort, it seems best to look to the hills, whose perspective allows them to say: “Our summits were once ocean floors – change, sudden or gradual, is what we are. Seasons may scuff our surface, but they also deepen our character. Trees will always come and go, water will always run, folks dwelling in our hollows and on our slopes will always have the strength they need. We are not yet what we’ll finally be, so, till then, we continue to become.”