Skiing at Elk ended a week ago. This time of year, some of us usually venture North in search of a few more ski days before surrendering to Spring. Some go South, seeking an early taste of Summer on a tropic beach. Many find ourselves raking the Winter out of flower beds, and watching each day’s subtle changes that measure the progression of Spring as it unfolds.

No ice to be found anywhere – ducks swim happily along wherever it pleases them. No snow pack to keep the yards wet. Almost two weeks of near Summer weather is making this one of the most tolerable mud seasons in recent memory.

Early Spring


The hills are subtly colored with silver and orange hues; evidence of buds swelling from branches.

The past couple of weeks, we’ve been enjoying extraordinarily warm weather. Some are saddened by the swift end to the ski season, some are worried that a late snow or frost will damage the buds and flowers already emerged from their winter’s rest.

Some of us are simply enjoying this respite from “mud season”, and having faith that Spring will gracefully proceed to seasonable weather keeping safe the flora already evident.