I’m grateful that I don’t have to remember to breathe, don’t have to think at all about it.

I’m grateful that even when I once tried to hold my breath forever, a divine power overcame me, forced me to inhale, caused a gasp of air to rush uncontrollably into me, made me pant until my breathe calmed, until finally, it resumed it’s regular cadence.

I’m grateful to realize that I share this irresistible compulsion to breathe with every living being I’ll run into during the course of the day, on any given day of my life.

I’m grateful to know that for me and for those around me to be truly happy, to be blissful, to experience a true connection, we must share the common air; we all must breathe.

I’m grateful that this one activity, the foundation for all others, offers stark evidence that any of the paths we choose to navigate as individuals are engined by this one common, essential force, resident in all of us.

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