Autumn Vista

From the top of Elk Mountain, near gaudy reds and yellows pour through the neighborhood.

A community of larch splashes gold near neighbor pines.

Nearly all green not long ago, soon to be pine punctuated silver white, now, this.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Vista

  1. Dear Friend,
    I wish to inquire,as to who might be this “Gaudy Red” person,
    and wear abouts,he or she as the case may be,might reside.
    Aside from the extremely general, top of the mountain.
    Very Sincerely, G.E. Johnson

  2. My Dear Mr. Johnson.

    Tis my own eyes!
    Tis nature herself!
    Together, conspiring in mind, colors and textures pour throughout their environs.
    These objects dwell dear sir, in nature, in my own eyes!

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