December Night


Light in the darkest nights of the year has been sought, and once found, provided a source of comfort for as long as there has been folks, dark, light, and a sky.

Some sources of light are regarded as divine: a star, the harbinger of a Saviour, lamps with only enough oil for a day, yet burn brightly for over a week, a point of light that persists in the darkness when one’s body loses tension, breathing calms, and eyes close.

Even light whose source is known to be mundane provokes wonder and joy. Tonight look to the moonless sky between 10pm and 3am and enjoy what should be a wonderful display by the Geminid meteor shower. Glance over toward Elk Mountain, and watch plumes of snow, illuminated as they blow over the trees and settle bright sparkles of flakes on the slopes. Slopes that some of us, wearing a face filled with wind and pleasure, will be sliding down very, very soon…


photo by Russ Klapatch
photo by Russ Klapatch

Before there were roads, towns or villages, this part of the county was originally settled by Yankees. Folks would walk here from Massachusetts and other parts of New England each Spring, clear land, make shelter, then walk back in the Autumn. They would do this for years, until they established enough infrastructure here to finally winter over in these hills.

Today, it’s remarkable how many of us who are generally considered locals here on The Hill, spent a considerable amount of their lives in New England. Some of us in the hills of Vermont, a port in New Hampshire, along the technology corridor around Boston and Cape Cod in Massachusetts, or along the rocky coast of Maine.

Come to Fern Hall Inn now until January 6th, and view this enchanting mix of New England and Mid-Atlantic as Russ Klapatch sees it. Through his black and white photography, Mr. Klapatch has succeeded in capturing the characteristic textures and interplay of light and dark of images from here on The Hill, as well as coastal Maine, and beyond.

At December First Friday Scranton, see more art from the neighborhood at The Northern Light Expresso bar. South Gibsonites Judy and Eli Marsh’s photographs and assemblages are delightfully unigue. Guaranteed, you’ll not see anything like this work – it’s wonderful!

Consider Russ’s, Judy and Eli’s work with an eye for a unique one of a kind gift for friends and loved ones!

View more of Mr. Klapatch’s work at Print orders: 570.448.7877 – e-mail – PO Box 105, Union Dale, PA 18470-0105