South Knob


Just ninety feet lower than the North Knob, the South Knob of Elk Mountain witnesses the change in seasons quietly. Entirely on private land, the folks who own the South Knob insist that it be left unvisited, remaining a refuge for game.

Logging is accomplished with proper management techniques. After only a couple of years, the forest near the South Knob summit is already renewing, yet still shows patches of snow where trees had been judiciously harvested.

In the days of horse and carriages, folks would trek nearly to the top of the South Knob to picnic at “The Ledges”. Many, many years ago when the forests on both the North and South Knobs were clear-cut to the summit, it is said that one could see the Delaware wind gap.

Now, obscured by trees, these views are no longer available even if one knew where to go. Erosion has obscured the rocks that make up the spot that was once visited by picnickers, lovers, and as local folklore has it Ulysses S. Grant.

Flashier, larger, and more urbane then the South Knob, the North Knob attracts skiers, hikers and nature lovers with wide trails and easy access to magnificent summit views.

The South Knob, the more demure sister, maintains her private life, keeps her secrets, offers an homage to times past.

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