This Foxglove, along with it’s Honey Locust neighbors, welcomes twilight to one of the first truly Summer evenings.

The grass, flowers, and trees in the yard are about as lush as they get; foliage doesn’t get much taller or thicker than it is now. Many fields are cropped short; the first cutting of hay already stowed in barns.

Daylight won’t seem to shorten for another week or so. A nice time to relax before July, which is sure to be busy with Independence Day celebrations, Fireman’s picnics, swimming, and firefly chasing.



“Too numerous to count” aptly describes these tiny wildflowers observed recently on Elk Mountain. They seem to be everywhere, infusing the deep green grass with a lapis hue when seen from a distance.

A cool damp day bodes for indoor activities this evening – not to worry though, Crimson Tears will still be rocking out at the Stone Bridge Tavern, and the weekend looks like the weather will be fine for The Heritage Bike Tour and Festival.

Laughter is the best medicine – even if you’re already feeling fine! Stop by The View-Coyote Bar and Grill On June 15th and be prepared to be amazed by the Magic, Mind Reading and Comedy of Denny Corby.

If you haven’t tried Yoga at Studio B yet, this is the week! When the weather is agreeable, you’ll find a note taped to the door of the Studio on Main Street Forest City indicating that Yoga will be held up the street in Kennedy Park. Very nice to do Sun Salutations while facing the actual sun as it nears the place in the sky where it will seem to stand still for several days! Don’t be shy, everyone is welcome whether experienced or not. Erin and Tiff will gently guide you to a place of relaxation within you that you may have forgotten existed!

It’s light till nearly nine at night – enough light to get a good day of work in, and still give your jogging shoes, hiking boots, or bicycle some love and attention as we enjoy these last few days of astronomical Spring.



Wikipedia reports that “The peony is named after Paeon, a student of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing. Asclepius became jealous of his pupil; Zeus saved Paeon from the wrath of Asclepius by turning him into the peony flower.”

Rich in medicinal compounds, a common subject in tattoos, the Peony, or “Piney” as some from around here call it, is also known as the “flower of riches and honour” or “king of the flowers”.

Large, showy, and fragrant, the Peony lends an air of grandeur to the most humble of gardens, marks the border between Spring and Summer with it’s beautiful blooms.

Elk Hike


These beings and their people couldn’t be much happier, finding themselves appropriately exhilarated by a hike to the very top of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

If a hankering for hiking comes to mind, submit! There are plenty of cold, dark, Winter days ahead, so get out now and enjoy the next four weeks – the longest days of the year!