pearDespite having lost it’s mate several years ago, this pear tree is bearing fruit this year. This pear will cling to it’s branch and continue to grow until the first frost of Autumn, at least a couple of months away.

Of more immediate interest is the abundance of raspberries and blueberries that are now, or mere days away from being ready for harvest.

The Clifford Fireman’s Picnic starts tonight, and continues on Friday and Saturday nights with food, music, fireworks and friends. Forest City’s week long 150th Anniversary Celebration begins Saturday with Christmas in July Sidewalk Sales, Flea Market & Farmer’s
Market on Main Street, and continues with events and programs of interest for townspeople and visitors alike.

It comes to mind now, how last Spring never seemed to want to arrive, leaving us dwelling in a landscape of seemingly endless cold,
dark, and gray. Today, a near perfect Pennsylvania Summer day urges us to make the most of the days and weeks ahead. Whether you’re on the Clifford or the Forest City side of The Hill, or as some of us do, visit both regularly, this is the time to enjoy the bounty
of life.

Fruits and vegetables are ripening – fresh tastes that just aren’t available in the Winter. Folks are out and about, wandering along the streets of the town, or ambling about the picnic grounds, all with a festive demeanor, seeking out old friends and new looking to share stories that begin with “I remember when…”, as well as “How was your day today?”.

Yup, this is it; the peak of the Summer. Stock up now on good food, delicious tastes, and exuberant camaraderie. The days have already
begun to shorten…


rabbitsRabbits seem to think that if they remain perfectly still, they are undetectable by the human eye.

I came across these kittens while walking through the yard last evening. Before they noticed me, they frolicked, sneaking up from behind, and pouncing and flipping over each other.

It seemed that last week was all about young deer; their legs thickening with the summer, allowing their gait to become more graceful. Less tentative, their growing confidence allows them to stray more than a few feet from between their mother’s legs.

This week it’s the young rabbits that seem most prominent. The population this year, apparently quite abundant. Though these young things were probably born a while ago, only lately have they come out into the open en masse. I’m sure that not far off, there was a buck and doe ready to hurry these young ones back to the warren should danger arise.

Go ahead, try to count how many rabbits you see while driving along the road, or while out in the yard. It’s certain you’ll run out of
fingers and maybe toes before you finish your census!


mtn_wildflowersMany of our gazes will be drawn upward tomorrow toward fireworks exploding above us in the sky.

If you happen to find yourself hiking up Elk, or through virtually any meadow around The Hill, be sure to enjoy the abundance of wildflowers currently blooming. A bit more subtle than fireworks; no less spectacular!