Snow Geese


“The geese know…” my friend said as we watched hundreds of the birds overhead noisily making their way northward, as the snow under our skis and snowboard diminished under┬áthe March sun.

The snow geese seem to take more time to organize themselves into the classic travelling chevron than do their Canadian cousins.

It is beautiful to see the birds form and adjust themselves into the most aerodynamically efficient pattern, the group lessening the effort necessary for each individual to make it to their summer home.

An interesting email forwarded to us recently:

We only had 1 inch of up to January 1. January had 5.75 inches of snow and 1.9 inches of total precipitation. February had 8 inches of snow and 4.72 inches of precip. So far in March we had 1.75 inches of snow and only .11 precip. So the total snowfall for the season is 15.5 inches. The lowest snowfall amounts for the season were 13.25 inches in 1989 and 29.25 in 1979. The highest were 112 in 1996 and 109.5 in 2003. The average snowfall for the past 37 years was 55 inches.


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