First Rainbow

first_rainbowNot the most vibrant, not a double, yet a rainbow nonetheless, graced the Little Creek valley recently; the first observed since before Winter.

Afternoon Spring and Summer rains that contain isolated thunderstorms surrounded by clear sunny skies seem to provide the
ripest conditions for manifesting rainbows. When these conditions exist, it has become habit to keep a westward eye on the Little Creek valley.

Another hazard of living here on The Hill is that rainbows, fairly rare miracles of weather, are so common here that if not mindful, rather than feeling particularly grateful for seeing a rainbow, one may find themselves somewhat disappointed, annoyed, when conditions seem right, and a rainbow does not appear.

Some believe rainbows are a remembrance of a divine promise; some believe a telltale of worldly wealth, a mere hike to the end of the colors away.

Having seen where rainbows end in the valley, having hiked there, I know there is no pot, no gold.

Having gazed at many rainbows, enraptured in their fleeting magnificence, they remain for me a source of divine comfort, a reminder to never let one’s faith waiver.

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