Clipper Snow

Clipper Snow
Clipper Snow

Darn cold here on The Hill the past few days; wave after wave of arctic air continues to wash over the neighborhood.

Sailing on these waves, Alberta Clippers – fast moving weather systems that come from the high dry far north, pulling only a bit of moisture from across the now cold Great Lakes, delivering not much more than a coating of snow by the time they reach the backyard.

These repeated dustings have brightened things up. Though not of much depth, the scenery is once again winter white.

Elk, however, has transformed dramatically.

After the rain and high temperatures last week, these few inches of snow have “met-a-morph-a-sized” (to use The Ski King’s word) the skiing surface into a true delight.

The Sk’boardin’ farmer reports that “The Tunkhannock is amazing… bumping up nicely.” No doubt the fruit of Nick and the snow crew’s handiwork: Mother Nature’s frigid temperatures have caused the continually running snow guns to bury the slopes with “Pennsyltucky-white hi-grade”.

If all this sounds a bit cryptic, best come on up to the Big and Friendly and make some turns. See for yourself. Best skiing yet this season!

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