Changing Sky


One step forward, two steps back; one summerish day, two winterish days.

Spring’s progression is not linear. One day warm enough for barefeet, the next cold enough for boots, the next sneakers will do fine.

A cold front pushes this way; a warm front pushes that way.

Even most of the planets apparently moving backwards in the sky!

Despite all this back and forth, most of the grass glows summer green, birds build their nests, buds tinge the forest tips pale silver, pale orange, hopeful green.




This handsome fellow wandered the few feet from his roost, just enough to worry dog.

The weather is slightly more wintry than typical this time of year; snow earlier this week, and forecasted for tomorrow.  When viewed in the grand scheme of things, the weather is introducing somewhat of an air of normalcy to an otherwise, unseasonable winter and spring.

Gives one the impression that finally, Spring will catch up with itself, warm weather will come and stay.

Spring Color

Spring Color

Spring Color

Finally some color has sprouted from the beds barely protected by such a pale winter.

Given the mild weather, one would think that the flowers are eager to sprout. However, snow drops and daffodils are no more prominent now than after a hard winter.

Near Winter cold returns for the next week, making all of us, soil, plants, animals and humans alike, just a bit uncertain as to what season it really is.