East Branch Valley


Left to right, Round Hill, Elk Hill North Knob, Elk Hill South Knob.

East Branch Valley

As they have for hundreds of years,
visitors and homecomers alike,
journey East Branch Valley
toward the heart of Elk Mtn Area.

To some,
a passage as they rusticate;
a harbinger of repose.

To those who dwell
in deep folds of shaded valleys,
along crests of worn ridges,
the soft familiar hills of home.

Clifford Main Street


Evidence of The Clifford Township Community Alliance’s (CTCA) efforts to “just make things a bit better” can be seen all along Main Street. The Clifford flags are meant to make visitors feel more welcome, and residents feel more pride.

The groups’ activities are not just for show. The township cleanup program they organized this spring helped Clifford Township residents dispose of old autos, tires, refrigerators, and other hard to get rid of items in an economical and environmentally friendly way.

Read more about the group, how you can help, and learn interesting facts about Clifford by downloading the October Newsletter.

To download the Newsletter, Choose Community from the drop down menu above, or click here.

Know of a college student, or a service person who is living out of the area?
Send them a link to www.elkmtnarea.com. They are sure to enjoy news from home!

Autumn Stand


At dusk, I picked all the pears that I could reach.
Last night, the first hard frost.
Today, the air is crisp, the sky cool blue, paled by wispy clouds.

Yesterday, white, blue, and steel grey swirled,
animating the sky, hurrying, destination uncertain.

From across the valley, lumpy snow squalled from the mix,
sifting through cloud gaps like a sheer curtain
eased through an open kitchen window
by a bland summer breeze.

And I remember Eli telling me that an old timer told him:
“In these parts, you have to have as much as you need done for winter by mid-October
…after then, anything can happen “

Sixth Hole at Scottish Glen


“Number 6 – A short par three but very tricky. Club speed is the key here. Considered the signature hole for Scottish Glen.” is the description of Number 6 from The Scottish Glen website.

On August 23, the hole was the site of the “Pot of Gold” challenge element of the Annual Elk Mountain Ski Patrol Golf Outing. Out of the 70+ golfers participating in the event, no one’s drive came to rest within the two foot diameter circle around the pin, to win the challenge.

On August 24, the hole was the site of Chet’s Place bartender and amateur-golfer-extraordinaire Leon Silfee’s first Hole In One!

Golf can be like that…



The cool wet spring turned to Summer on 21 June. Since then, the days have been warm and dry, with very little rain.

The weather for the Fourth of July was stereotypically seasonable; hazy hot, and humid – the hottest spell of the year so far.

Many of us passed the days with music, friends and family.

Agreeable weather also obliges portions of days be spent in fields.

Merli Map and Rider


Some of the best single-track anywhere can be found just outside of Carbondale, PA at Merli-Sarnoski park.

The Fell Mountain Challenge, one of the events which comprise the Mid-Atlantic Super Series is an annual event organized by the NEPA Bike Club

This year’s event is also the Mid-Atlantic Championship Race of the popular series which attracts participants from throughout the east.
Click here for event information, including a downloadable map, and photographs from the 2002 Fell Mountain Challenge.

The Firing

Stony Meadow Pottery Kiln Opening and Spring Planter Sale, April 12th, 9am – 5pm.

The folks at Stony Meadow Pottery invite you to come celebrate spring, and enjoy an expanded range of garden wares, in addition to a selection of wares for kitchen and dining. Visit the Stony Meadow Pottery website at stonymeadowpotter.com for directions and images of their work.

Jordan Taylor, Potter at Stony Meadow Pottery recently invited us to view a part of the process of creating pottery using a Sawankhaloke-style kiln.

Above, he and and Charlie Buteraugh of West Clifford stoke the hand built walk-in wood fired kiln named for a region of Thailand.

The firing process can take up to five days to achieve 2400ºF – the temperature necessary for this technique to be effective.

Though unforgiving, laborious, and exhausting, this firing technique yields results unavailable by any other means.

Visit the Stony Meadow Pottery website at Stony Meadow Pottery to see the uniquely beautiful results of Jordan’s talent applied to this technique.

Art Department Luncheon at the Century Club


Michael O’Neill of the The House of Flowers in Forest City, was recently the guest speaker at the Art Department Luncheon at the Century Club in Scranton Pa, where he explained and displayed some of his work and spoke on the dynamics and interaction of color in his work.

His work is as a florist, yet he speaks of art as his passion….”Painting is what I live and die for”.

Mr. O’Neill has exhibited his paintings at the Art Exchange in Union Dale, and had entries in the Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA, the Philadelphia Flower Show, and the Academy Award Ceremonies in Hollywood.

He also arranges the Art Exhibit for Mr. Paul Roginski’s class of the “Pallette Pals” at the Borough Building in Forest City.

Pictured above, left to right: Gloria Bilotta, Mrs. O’Neill, Micheal O’Neill, and Patricia Zeszotarsky, President of the Century Club.

How much different can heaven be?