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Common Light


Behind all our backs there is a profound, common darkness,
Punctuated by sharp eyes and flashing teeth, not of our kind.

Singular Light engines our vocation,
Compels us to keep many faces, for as long as we are able,
Bright in this central Light.

So vesseled as one, transiting as obliged,
We comfort and sustain each other,

So dissuaded from the dark, our only armor strengthens,
This common vital glow described by us and Light.

Sunchokes and Ski Trails


Mid-Winter finds us in a cherished, strenuous, comfortable, familiar rhythm:
Wake-up, eat, work, ski, sleep; repeat.

When it was “too cold to snow” last week,
Clippers left knee deep sharp crystalled snow.

Deep purple, then moonlit nights, keep the snow dry, durable, and deep.
Daytime air, half-heartedly, occassionally, flirts towards thawing.

Impossibly blue skies, encourage us to trails,
That begin by passing Summer’s Sunchokes:
Tubers that may taste even better after fully overwintering.