Labor Day

geeseIn one field, one can see hay bales, evidence of work completed, and geese resting en route to their winter homes; a scene of work in progress.

Geese, whose only work seems to be to fly north or south dependant on the season, often frequent this meadow throughout the summer,
though they generally take to the small pond across the road in small families. Early in the summer, goslings follow their parents around this small pond, eating, growing and strengthening, preparing for their first migration.

This time of year, however, the field hosts large gaggles, probably not locals; visitors on their way to their southern home.

This weekend, along with Memorial Day, are the holiday bookends of the Summer season. It will be hard to wander around The Hill for
the next few days without running into great food, music, and festivities.

And if you feel the need, enjoy the La Festa Italiana Scranton – more food, more music, and more festivities, before retiring to the
bucolic quiescence of The Hill.

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