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Spring Meadow


“April is the cruelest month” begins t.s. eliot’s poem “The Wasteland”. Certainly, sources of suffering in this world are evident near and far: cold rain, wet snow, tsunamis, ill health, nations struggling against themselves, harsh words between loved ones.

Often obscured by such occurrences, the source of joy and happiness exists indomitable within us all. This source? Choice.

When we choose progression over destruction, service to others over self, kindness over cruelty, contentment within us emerges helping to dispel the suffering of the world, near or far.

Repeatedly making “The Healthy Choice” causes us to become as content and blissful as the horses tasting the first sweet tender shoots of Spring as they emerge from ground that recently seemed lifeless, buried deep in cold snow.

Common Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina)


While traveling toward Elkdale recently, the handsome fellow above was spotted lumbering across the road.

Somewhat shy, he turned away from the camera several times.

According to Wikpedia, the “serpentina” portion of their name refers to their neck and head, and means “serpent” or “snake like”.

These turtles should be enjoyed from a safe distance. They can turn their head in a flash, and their jaws are powerful enough to amputate a finger.